(RETRACTION WATCH) – Alan Sokal’s influence has certainly been felt strongly recently.  Last month, a critique by Sokal — who in 1996 got a fake paper published in Social Text – and two colleagues forced a correction of a much-ballyhooed psychology paper.  A few days after that, we reported on a Serbian Sokal hoax-like paper whose authors cited the scholarly efforts of one B. Sagdiyev, a.k.a. Borat. (more…)

    30 April – An increasing number of medical professionals are refusing to receive vaccinations, raising red flags among populations that are subjected to government pressure to receive them.  In this new report, researchers examine the low rates of compliance among Israeli nurses and found that their trust in health authorities was low following the unwarranted hysteria (more…)

    31 Jan – A protest against Elsevier, the world’s largest scientific journal publisher, is rapidly gaining momentum since it began as an irate blog post at the end of January.  By Tuesday evening, about 2,400 scholars (more…)

    22 June (TORONTO STAR) – From the creation of fake academic journals, to bogus stories submitted to real journals, to falsified results in some of academia’s most respected publications – the pharmaceutical industry has been rocked by allegations that the world’s biggest drug companies put public relations above public safety. (more…)


GM Salmon Rejected by Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Aldi and Other Retailers