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 In the News

Controversial DHS Adviser Let Go Amid Allegations Of Cover Up

imagesLHBQHT5A115,000 People Set To Lose Obamacare

The Hits Keep Coming IN CDC Whistleblower Scandal

Cause of Autism & Psychosis: The Detox Link Between Round Up GMO Foods & Vaccines-Cytochrome P450

fingerprintSchool To Fingerprint Students To ‘Monitor Their Diets’

U.S. Health Care Premiums Creep Up, Out-Of-Pocket Costs Jump

Airline tycoon Richard Branson with former US vice-president Al GoreRichard Branson Failed To Deliver  On $3 Bil Climate Change Pledge

Epidemiologist #CDCWhistleblower Confirms New Review Showing Vaccine Autism Link

Gov’t Prescription Drug Take-Back Program Expanding

Is the CDC Hiding Autism’s Link to Vaccines?

HHS Grants 60 Mil More For Navigators To Boost Obamacare Enrollment

Israeli Researchers Find Foolproof Method For Diagnosing ADHD

Questions Surrounding Review of Challenged Vaccine-Autism Study

Outline Of Significant Developments In The Recent Revelations On Vaccine Safety Research Corruption

Study: Converting Forests To Croplands Actually Cooled The Planet

REPORT: Fort Knox Mishandled $270 Million In Energy Efficiency Projects


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Weekly Climate And Energy News Roundup #149

E-Mails Reveal ‘Collusion’ Between Climate Activist And EPA

Who Pays For Green Dreams? The Elderly Perhaps

Environmentalists Call On Philanthropies To Drop Fossil Fuel Investments

Dengue Fever Outbreak Spreads In Japan-Just In Time For GM Mosquitoes And Experimental Vaccines

Over 2 Tril Becquerels of Radioactive Waste Flowed Into Pacific In 10 Months


Whole Foods’ Anti-GMO Swindle

Extinct Snail Killed By climate Change Crawls Back From Dead

FDA Ignored Objections, Approves Deadly Painkiller

America Consumes 80% Of All Prescription Painkillers Sold Globally

$7.6 Bil Spent By US To Fight Afghan Opium Trade To No Avail

Gates Foundation Now Funding Ebola Vaccine Development That Might Be Forced Upon us All

Rising CO2 Concentration: No Measurable Impact On Floods, Droughts, Storms

Offshore Wind Power: Even Germany Can’t Get It Right

30 Year Eagle Kill Permits In Favor Of Wind Power

How Gov’t Money Corrupts Climate Science

NSF: Best Way To Deal With Warming Climate Is To Evolve With It

Weather Channel Losing Viewers To Global Warming And Other Pointless Programming

Brussels Anti-Green Purge

Ozone Layer Is Recovering, Stabilized 14 Years Ago

New All-Time Satellite-Era Record For Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

VA Critic Slams Phoenix Leak

 A Guide For Those Perplexed About Global Warming

2014 Hurricane Season A Bust So Far

Data Reveals Florida Keys Sea Surface Temperatures Haven’t Warmed in 80+ Years

Demythologizing California’s Drought ‘Demythologizers’


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images (9)Annie’s Sells Out To General Mills While Barbara’s Get’s Its Cereals Non-GMO Project Verified

FEMA Wants At Least $5.8M In Sandy Aid Repaid

untitled (6)District Attorney Becomes ‘Noble Cause Corrupted’

Dem Representative “Obamacare Doubled My Insurance Costs”

untitled (3)

Hear This Well: Breaking The Silence On Vaccine Violence

IRS Continues To Lose Credibility Over ‘Lost’ E-Mails

Inspector General Let Veterans Affairs Officials Alter Report

The Infectious Myth- The CDC Vaccine Scandal With Dr. Toni Banks

Kerry: U.S.’s Biblical “Responsibility” To Confront Climate Change?

Chemistry Professor Corroborates Whistleblower’s Claim

Feds Lose Track of 6K Foreigners On Students Visas

FBI: Malicious Actors Targeting Protected Healthcare Info.

If Obamacare Stays, Employer-Based Insurance Will Go

Mathematician: Common Core Detrimental To America’s Future

Pioneer Institute: Common Core To Further Damage US History Instruction

NVIC Calls On Congress To Take Action On DHHS Conflict of Interest

mqdefault (2)A Blueprint For Safer Vaccines

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