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 In the News

Dr-Andrew-Wakefield-MMR-vaccine-interviewDr. Andrew Wakefield Breaks Silence On CDC Whistleblower

Doctor Who Received Experimental ZMapp Drug Dies of Ebola

Audit: USDA Stimulus Program ‘Inherently Not Shovel Ready’

Auditor That Accredited VA Hospitals Where Patients Died To Review Same Hospitals

Florida Healthcare Website Signs Up 30 People In Six Months

Defiant CDC Researchers Stand by Original Findings

Read Dr. Hooker’s Report at THIS LINK

U.S. To Begin Testing Ebola Vaccine On Humans

images1L34RCFLHow ISIS Became The Richest Terrorist Group In The World

Venezuela Gov’t To Issue Biometric Card Limiting Citizen Food Purchases

CDC Knowingly Put Children at Risk of Autism, Media Remains Silent (Video)

Doctor Jumps To Death From Top Of NYU Dorm

imagesTUDPRLFPIssa Just Subpoenaed Obama’s Chief Of Staff On Corruption Charges

W.H.O. Calls For Global Crackdown On E-Cigs

Mary LandrieuLobbying Disclosures Leave Public In Dark

Mary Landrieu Hit For Living The High Life On Taxpayer $$

L.A. Schools Halt $1B Contract For iPads Amid Criticism

Obamacare Might Kill Your Tax Refund


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The Continued Farce

EU Bans Powerful Vacuums In Name of Environmentalism

DOJ ‘Chokes’ Off Due Process

Taking The Lead On Carbon ‘Is A Losing Game’

imagesGD4SNMUJObamacare’s Glitchy Website Hinders Thousands Asked To Verify Citizenship

EPA: Brown’s 25 Billion Delta Water Tunnels Violate Fed Law

Leftist Lawmakers, Enviro-Extremists Created CA Water Crisis

Suspected Ebola Cases Prompt 30 States To Ask CDC For Help

Russian Gov’t Instates Fines For Violating GMO Labeling Rules

images (2)Respected Analyst Says GMOs Could Destroy Life On Planet

Strategy Irony: Obama Declares ‘National Preparedness Month’

Some IG’s Slow To Publicize Whistleblower Rights And Protections

“To Big To Fail’ could Be Slapped On More Non-Banks

Frequent Frankers In Congress Face Tough Re-Election Bids

Glyphosate Causing Lead Poisoning In Pregnant Women

Climate Change Cools Off


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mqdefault (2)A Blueprint For Safer Vaccines

BBC R4: ‘Everything We Know Is Wrong’

Obama Wants Immigration Action

Mike-Adams-Jon-Rappoport-MMR-Vaccine-Fraud-CDCJon Rappoport Interview On Whistleblower and CDC Fraud

President Obama: “We Don’t Have A Strategy Yet To Defeat ISIL”

CNN: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine is “The Real Deal”

President Obama Receives Chilly Reception From Veterans

How to Opt Out of Forced Vaccinations

Gov Jerry Brown: Illegals, You Are Welcome In California

Issa To Depose IRS Commish Who Lied or Hid Lerner E-Mails

Judicial Watch: Lerner E-Mails Aren’t Missing

CDC Knowingly Put Children at Risk of Autism, Media Remains Silent (Video)

Reserve SEAL Slams Admin For Releasing Info On Failed Hostage Rescue

TSA Finally Admits Illegal Aliens Allowed To Board Planes

3 Million in Gov Funds Going To Lawyers and Illegal Alien Juveniles In California

Poll: Marjority of Likely Voters Say Illegal Migrants Shouldn’t Enroll in Public School

FDA Red Tape Blocks Effective Treatments

DiCaprio’s Climate Change Video Declares Carbon Dioxide ‘Poison’?

Giant Downdraft Tower In Arizona Another Green Energy Venture

Climate Pseuds Sail To Arctic, Make Movie, Disappear Up Own Fundament

Environmentalists Profit Off Promoting Rooftop Solar Panels

Climate Dodge Ball

Former CIA Director: US At Risk From Attack On Power Grid

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