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 In the News

UMass Police Helped Keep Student’s Addition Secret

CVS’ Caremark Unit Settles U.S. False Claims Allegations

WebMd Had Received $13.9M To Promote Obamacare

Food Allergies In Children Could Be Caused By Antibiotics

VA Records Show Vet Rescheduled Appointment After Death

dicaprioDiCaprio’s Hypocrisy: Climate Activist, Private Jets, Luxury Yachts

Environmental Researcher: Wind Industry Riddled With Corruption

Belgium: GSK Accidently Releases 11 Gallons Of Live Polio Virus Into City’s Water Supply

Statin Drugs Linked To Thyroid Cancer In Women

Study Fuels Debate Over Whether E-Cigs Help Smokers Quit

States Push To Ban ‘Toxic’ Microbeads In Toothpastes

BN-EP719_0919GS_G_20140919041603GSK Guilty of Bribery In China; Fined 500 Million

Taxpayer Funded Global Warming Musical Closes Early

Bad Vaccine Kills Dozens Of Children In Syria

Secondhand Smoke From E-Cigarettes Contains Toxic Metals, Researchers Say

imagesHOXL9ZJ8Obama’s Lonely Climate Summit-World Leaders Staying Home


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Medical Negligence: Changing The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Celebrities Poised To Deliver Vaccine Fraud Home Run

Medical Quarantine Causes Non-Ebola Deaths

Merck Has Some Explaining To Do Over Its MMR Vaccine Claims

images6DVV2AU1Processed Food Industry Pushing America Toward ‘Perfect Storm’ Of Runaway Diabetes, Death

Honey-Bee-On-Flower-Pollin (2)Canadian Beekeepers Sue Bayer, Syngenta Over Bee-Killing Neonicotinoids

FDA’s Forgotten Freezer’ Contains Dozens Of Biological Agents

Vaccine Wars: The Censoring of Rob Schneider

There Are 2 Other MMR Vaccine Whistleblowers

The Global Warming Money Nexus Corrupts Real Climate Research

The Air Comes Out Of The Climate Change Talks

Antarctic Sea-Ice Hits New High, No Reason Found

Philippine Farmers Reject Golden Rice Corporate Scheme

EPA Knew Pesticides Were Killing Honeybees in 1970s

Children Being Poisoned By Big Pharma’s Buprenorphine

Lawsuit Exposes Drug Company’s Controlling And Monopolistic Intentions

FDA Threatens Three Companies With Criminal Charges Over Ebola Treatment Claims

VA Moves To Fire Retiring Hospital Director


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Environmental Activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Punish Global Warming Skeptics

Doctors Against Vaccines: The Other Side Of The Story Is Not Being Told

Broken Culture, Risky Reforms Leave Unethical VA Execs On Payroll

Are Generic Drugs Dangerous?

Cleta Mitchell:Lois Lerner Talking To Politico ‘Bizarre’

imagesMFOQGFP1In Vaccines We Trust

Pap And Thom Hartmann:DuPont’s Latest Science Fraud

Glyphosate-Treated Wheat Promotes Celiac Disease

gmo_kid_daniel_corn-263x1649 Year Old Explains Why His Friends Shouldn’t Eat GMO Bt Corn

images (9)Annie’s Sells Out To General Mills While Barbara’s Get’s Its Cereals Non-GMO Project Verified

FEMA Wants At Least $5.8M In Sandy Aid Repaid

untitled (6)District Attorney Becomes ‘Noble Cause Corrupted’

Dem Representative “Obamacare Doubled My Insurance Costs”

untitled (3)

Hear This Well: Breaking The Silence On Vaccine Violence

IRS Continues To Lose Credibility Over ‘Lost’ E-Mails

Inspector General Let Veterans Affairs Officials Alter Report

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