In The News

 In the News

Health Info Site Propagandizes ObamaCare for Secret Cash

OMSJ Files Anti-SLAPP Motion Against Pharmaceutical Shill

CFPB Delays Renovation, Costing Taxpayers Millions

89% Of Uninsured Don’t Know To Sign Up For Obamacare

CDC Doled Out $25 Million In Bonuses While Blaming Cuts On Ebola Outbreak

Takeda Ordered To Pay More Than $2 Million To Actos User

Spanish Firm Under Federal Investigation Wins $230 Mil In DOE Subsidies

polandPoland Leads East European Opposition To EU Climate Deal

Nurses Union Head: ‘No Protocols’ At Dallas Hospital

Doctors, Hospitals Rethinking Electronic Medical Records Mandated By 2009 Law

caCalifornia Gives No-Bid Health Pacts

HHS IG Says NY Should Return $23 Mil In Misspent Medicaid Funds

Firestone Did What Gov’ts Have Not: Stopped Ebola In Its Tracks

VA IG Missed Wait-Time Scandal’s Warning Signs For A Decade

Peanut Butter CEO Conspired To Ship Salmonella-Tainted PB

US Dept of Energy Officials Routinely Overpay For Software


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10 Things Activists Should Know About Defamation

U.S. Corporations Can’t Be Punished For War Crimes

Chemical Contamination From Pharmaceuticals Increasing

imagesHPV Vaccine Linked To Nervous System Disorder And Autoimmunity

Unable To Meet The Deductible Or The Doctor

The Breathless Hypocrisy Driving Energy ‘Divestment’

images (6)The Rise Of All-Purpose Antidepressants

I’m A Hazmat-Trained Hospital Worker: Here’s What No One Is Telling You About Ebola

WHO: We Botched Response To Ebola Outbreak

plPlate Climatology Theory

Climate Change Lobby ‘Has African Blood On Its Hands’

A 2.1 Trillion Bill For Milibands Green Folly

You Won’t Believe The CDC Told This Lie

Huh? Ebola Vaccine Not Being Tested Against Ebola

climateSome Climate Alarmists Refuse To Concede

President: ‘Stick It To Climate Change Deniers’

Michael Mann Loses The Nobel Prize-Again

Andrea Mitchell Ignores Science In Biased Segment About Artic ‘Melting’


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“Second Opinion”: Truth About Cover-Up Of Laetrile Cancer Treatment

untitledSun Exposure Improves Your Health While Glyphosate Disrupts It

Fight For Raw Milk Heats Up In Wisconsin And Illinois

The Infectious Myth-Fluoridation With Paul Connett

Ebola Vaccine Commercial

 Do You Take Any Of These 11 Dangerous Statins Or Cholesterol Drugs?

New CDC Whistleblower Video: More Autism Fraud

Pigs Go Airborne- Hypocrisy Revealed!

imagesEC3FM8VPObama Tells GM Healthcare Costs Rising Because He’s Not Shopping Correctly

Step-daughter Of Dallas Ebola Patient: “No One Told Me Nothing”

Ebola Patient Initially Sent Home With Worthless Antibiotics

“Symphony Of The Soil” Extols The Importance And Mystery Of Soil

CDC Whistleblower Tells The World He Was Ordered To Lie By CDC Officials

Idaho School District Reduces Hours Due To Obamacare

Why Americans Are Opting Out of Obamacare

Top Doctor: Bungled Ebola Case Shows US Hospitals Unprepared

What Most Doctors Think About Obamacare Is Frightening

Environmental Activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Punish Global Warming Skeptics

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