University of Kentucky

1 Sep (LEXINGTON KY) – Bobby Russell received HIV treatments for almost eight years before receiving a shocking diagnosis: He never actually had the virus that causes AIDS.  Now the 43-year-old Lexington man is suing the doctors and others at the University of Kentucky Medical Center (more…)

    3 Sep (SOURCEFED) – Elliott Morgan and Joe Bereta weigh in on an OMSJ investigation now being covered by the US and UK media.  Their short video gives you a glimpse of the incompetence and corruption that permeates HIV clinics throughout the US today.  It would be funny if not so tragic.  Stay tuned!  (more…)

    26 Aug (LEX18) – A Lexington man is suing the University of Kentucky Medical Center, the Bluegrass Care Clinic, the Fayette County Health Department and a long list of doctors who allegedly misdiagnosed him and treated him for a sexually transmitted disease he d (more…)


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