Update: President Pinera Vetoes Chilean Thimerosal Bill

February 21, 2014

(VLA)  –  President Pinera vetoes Thimerosal Bill that would ban Thimerosal for children under 4 years old. Sadly, the establishment is pulling the rug from under the activist, parents and people.  Following well traveled strategies of the United, the exhaustive work of the people are simply undermined from the inside.

images (6)In the United States (2005)Safe Minds presented a document  to the Chief Investigator Counsel, United States Senate,  that exposed insider emails discussing the strategy to take what was known and agreed to be a harmful toxin out of vaccines, Thimerosal.  Some insiders felt it was so toxic that it should be taken out immediately.  Others felt it would harm the vaccine program or at worst point to the CDC ‘s malfeasance in allowing it in vaccines in the first place.

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                Chilean Congress Passes Thimerosal Bill


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