Another Vaccine-Autism Link

May 9, 2011

Public health officials in the U.S. have consistently denied that there is any link between childhood vaccines and autism; however, some families have actually received money from the government to fund long term care for their autistic children.  In this Fox Insider Report, Alisyn Camerota interviews parent Sarah Bridges PhD, whose four-month-old son developed autism shortly after receiving a vaccine.   Although the US Government insists that vaccines are safe, Congress indemnifies vaccine manufacturers while forcing parents of vaccine-injured children to fight.  As Dr. Bridges describes, they then pressure parents to remain quiet about the multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded compensation or risk losing it.

Camerota then interviewed breast cancer surgeon Cynara Coomer MD, who insists that – despite the autistic injuries and payouts – “there is no evidence that vaccines cause autism.”

Dr. Coomer doesn’t explain why vaccine manufacturers have never conducted studies that track the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children over the course of 20-30 years or more.  While it is one thing to not locate evidence, it is quite another when the manufacturers and the regulators they pay refuse to look for evidence.

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