Gary Null PhD on Vaccinations

October 13, 2009

14 Oct New York – They made him wait 12 hours before he could speak on September 29, 2009 at the state capitol building in Albany, New York.  But Gary Null, PhD finally spoke to a panel of legislators concerning mandatory Swine flu vaccinations for NY health care workers, they got their ears pinned to wall

by a disgusted and infuriated Gary Null, who did not mince words with panel members about the FRAUD and DUPLICITY which was masquerading as “health science” for the previous 12 hours in that hearing room.

Ken Adachi
Educate Yourself

I got to hear some of the flavor of what Gary had to say to those New York legislators at 5 AM this morning (Oct. 14) in the last hour of Roy Tuckman’s radio show on KPFK called Something’s Happening. I was hoping I didn’t have to wait a day to grab the audio archive and sure enough, I found that Roy makes his archives immediately available after broadcasting, so I was able to download the file right away and upload the last hour with Gary at the link provided below (more).




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