Climate Change Deniers, Better Drink the Kool-Aid

August 21, 2013

21 Aug (CANADA FREE PRESS) Agenda 21’s lynchpin is manufactured man-made global warming which is allegedly destroying the planet. Every bureaucrat and global elitist around the planet has jumped on this wealth redistribution and control bandwagon.

by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Secretary of Defense John Kerry’s first major policy speech was about global warming/climate change.


Agenda 21’s lynchpin is manufactured man-made global warming

Although I’ve had a best-selling book at Amazon since October 2012, “U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy”, liberals and conservatives alike have called people like me tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists and “agenders” simply because I have done my research and have found ample evidence of the existence of U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development documents and related sites, international bodies, conferences, organizations, initiatives, and local zoning initiatives, changes and restrictions.

The invented carbon credit programs to swap carbon pollution and the carbon tax are hugely unpopular with businesses but popular with bureaucrats, environmentalists, and traders. At the end of the day, the carbon tax or carbon credit swaps do little to reduce pollution, especially since China pollutes away unencumbered – they line the pockets of those involved in the scheme.

Kevin Rudd, Australia’s new prime minister has promised to kill the unpopular carbon tax in effect since July 2012. It has reduced emissions by 6.9 percent in the first year but it cost companies billions of dollars and higher energy prices for the average household. (Tim Devaney, The Washington Times, July 18, 2013)

Dr. James Taylor said in a recent article for Forbes that China alone emits more carbon dioxide than the entire Western Hemisphere. Dr. Taylor commented that “President Obama’s global warming plan will kill hundreds of millions of birds and bats, while doing little if anything to reduce global temperatures.”

China alone emits more carbon dioxide than the entire Western Hemisphere

Wind farms are not fined for killing eagles and protected species

Wildlife Society Bulletin confirmed in a study that “turbine blades will kill 14 million birds and bats during the next decade” even if no more wind turbines will be built. Not long ago, bird watchers in Scotland witnessed in horror when a very rare and fast bird which had not been seen in over twenty-two years, was chopped up by the blades of a wind turbine.

Fox News reported that wind farms are not fined for killing eagles and protected species, but oil companies have been prosecuted when birds drown in waste pits or if birds are electrocuted by power lines.

President Obama’s plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent (drastic reductions in nuclear, coal, and natural gas generated energy) requires at least 25 times more electricity production from wind turbines. Dr. Taylor believes this would lead to the death of 350 million birds and bats in the U.S. each decade, an “aviary holocaust.”

James Delingpole revealed in the Telegraph that the National Grid in the U.K. has been secretly spending millions on “dirty” Diesel-generated power to keep the lights on during times when the wind was not blowing. Apparently, the more wind turbines were built, the less stable the electric grid became and electricity became more expensive.


Superstorm Sandy helped deepen the hysteria of climate change

Superstorm Sandy helped deepen the hysteria of climate change and push forward the global warming talking points of Agenda 21 environmentalist social engineering. “The real experts know that sea level is rising at only 1 mm per year, and wouldn’t cause this kind of flooding in 1,000 years. This flooding was caused by the confluence of a hurricane storm surge and high tide.”

The report released on August 19, 2013 by the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force stated, “Decision makers at all levels must recognize that climate change and the resulting increase in risks from extreme weather have eliminated the option of simply building back to outdated standards and expecting better outcomes after the next extreme event.”

The Chairman of the task force, Secretary of HUD Shaun Donovan, said that we must find novel ways for “piloting innovative strategies that can serve as a model for communities across the nation as they prepare for the impacts of climate change.” The translation is easy. We can’t predict the weather accurately for tomorrow but we can tell you that the sky is about to fall if you don’t follow our directions and our plans.

Climate has changed for reasons other than fossil fuel use or human involvement; solar flares, increased volcanic activity, and the change in oceanic currents come to mind, but only in recent times has climate become such a politically expedient tool used by the global elites to gain financial control and power, affecting with urgency how we live, where we live, how we build, and how much of our land we truly own, farm, or inhabit.

Lord Monckton expressed climate change alarmism rather humorously. “One hundred percent of scientists agree climate change is real. That is why we have weather forecasts. The climate has been changing for 4,567 million years since that first Tuesday on which the earliest wisps of the atmosphere formed. But less than a third of published climate scientists say they think global warming is man-made; only 0.3 percent of them think most of the past 50 years’ modest warming is our fault; and so far, no one seems to have asked them whether they think it is potentially catastrophic.”

Researchers from the University of Colorado and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) claimed global warming slowed between 2000 and 2010 due to the gases spewed by volcanoes. (Michael Harper,

“Earthquakes may contribute to global warming by releasing greenhouse gas [methane] from the ocean floor.” Dr. David Fischer’s study, published in Nature Geoscience, demonstrated that methane escaped from methane hydrates from the ocean floor of the North Arabian Sea, released by a powerful 8.1 Richter scale earthquake in 1945.

Climate alarmists link just about anything to faux global warming. Changes in climate are strongly linked to violence around the world, a study by U.S. scientists suggests. There are myriads of other possible variables yet scientists are sure that a rise in violence is linked specifically to climate change.

15 signs that global warming is a fraud

The listed on June 29, 2013 the top 15 signs that global warming is a fraud:

  1. Alarmists are fanatical and dishonest in opposing cleaner energy such as natural gas
  2. Politicians hand-pick “reports” and “evidence”
  3. CO2 is reported as record levels although there is no statistical significance
  4. Democrats have adopted global warming as a fact, smearing anyone who disagrees
  5. EPA still uses data from confessed frauds
  6. Global warming is blamed on anything and everything
  7. Ice sheets are growing, not shrinking
  8. Al Gore’s award winning propaganda film has been banned in Britain due to “outrageous falsehood and wild exaggerations”
  9. The Earth is not getting warmer
  10. There never was a “consensus” of experts, it is made up
  11. Scandals have forced even proponents of the scam of green to reverse course
  12. Evidence shows alarmists statements to be “deeply-flawed since the beginning”
  13. “It really is the Sun, Stupid.”
  14. Top experts “misrepresented pure speculation as hard fact and inventing ridiculous hoaxes at every turn”
  15. “enormously influential scientists directing this scam have been caught blatantly doctoring data, vindictively silencing anyone who does not conform and plotting to set up bogus ‘investigations’ to whitewash their corruption out of the picture”

Questioning this climate change “consensus” alarmism is a sure way to kill anybody’s academic career, so much for academic freedom. Ask Professors James Enstrom of UCLA, Richard Lindzen of MIT, Henrik Svensmark of the Danish Space Research Institute, Fred Singer, a rocket scientist who founded the U.S. Satellite Weather Service, and Murry Salby of Macquarie University in Sidney, what happened to their careers when they debunked the false “consensus” riddled with scientific dishonesty.

All decisions involving every facet of our daily lives were influenced and made initially by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and picked up by various federal government agencies such as the EPA and the Department of Energy. Most recently, Interior Department Secretary, Sally Jewell, was quoted as saying, “I hope there are no climate change deniers in the Department of Interior.” Apparently global warming is settled group-think-consensus-science and dissenters are not allowed free speech in her department.

Sustainable Development represents environmental assaults on our freedoms and property rights, our children’s education

Sustainable Development represents environmental assaults on our freedoms and property rights, our children’s education, smart growth, green growth, and smart metering, all initiated by ICLEI and visioning committees, supported by government agencies, executive orders, councils, federal grants, and passed by boards of supervisors around the country without citizen input, knowledge, or agreement. It is a form of global communism perpetrated by the global elites in the name of saving the environment from the manufactured man-made global warming.

To make matters scarier, there is an Agenda 21 environmental constitution of global governance called The Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development (DICED). The word “covenant” makes it sound like a religion; come to think of it, it is the religion of the scam of green.

The much maligned carbon dioxide is good for plants and for tree growth, it gives them life. Ask Dr. Klaus Kaiser, he will tell you, it is “wood for thought.”

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