History Professor Raises Questions About AIDS in Africa

August 25, 2013

28 Aug (Gary Null) – African history Prof. Charles Geshekter says that “… much of what is claimed about AIDS in Africa is not only based on weak statistics and dubious numbers, but it’s also based on a kind of racist arrogant set of assumptions that really were popular 100 years ago but have now been brought back into vogue by AIDS researchers.”

Recorded in 2007 by investigative reporter Gary Null, Dr. Geshekter describes the statistical and political forces that exaggerate stories about AIDS in Africa.

Actual AIDS cases in Africa vs. alarmist propaganda…

Alleged AIDS cases and poverty…

The failure of the media to investigate and accurately report…

Charles Geshekter is Emeritus Professor of African history at California State University, Chico. In addition to frequent field research and work in Africa, his publications examine European colonialism in Somalia, techniques of documentary film making, and reappraising AIDS in Africa.  From 1991-95, Geshekter chaired the History of Science Section of the American Association for Advancement of Science/Pacific Division and was a member of its Executive Council. He has worked for the U.S. Department of Justice as a consultant on African immigration issues and was a member of the South African Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel (2000-03).

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