Are HIV Experts Pleading the Fifth?

October 28, 2011

Aiken SC –  When police arrested Jason Young for threatening the lives of six women last January, it was hard to imagine that he would ever be free again.  Assistant Solicitor Brenda Brisbin had photographs, statements, lab tests and even secured an alleged admission.  For his crimes, Young faced a potential sentence of life in prison.

Three “HIV experts” from local hospitals and clinics were expected to testify.  But when they learned that OMSJ was prepared to challenge their competence, a fourth doctor – an “infectious disease expert” with 41 years of training and expertise – was also called to testify.

But days before trial was set to begin, Prosecutor Strom Thurmond Jr. circumvented Brisbin and offered a deal that will set Young free by Christmas.

With OMSJ’s undefeated two-year 34-0 record, drug companies and government agencies are stepping up the propaganda campaign that first created the hysteria and corruption called HIV and AIDS thirty years ago.

But if HIV is as dangerous as drug companies and prosecutors say it is, why did the Brisbin’s HIV experts pressure a law-and-order conservative like Thurmond to offer Young a deal he couldn’t refuse?

Consider this violent HIV advertisement:

If this is what Young was accused of, why were the prosecutor’s six women and four doctors so reluctant to testify?

Of course, the ad is pure pharmaceutical propaganda.

The ad was produced by MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation, which is funded directly and indirectly by drug companies like GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) – which recently paid more $3 billion for illegally marketing drugs they knew were killing and injuring Americans.   But while companies like GSK create shell companies to avoid prison, factually-innocent men like Young are sent to prison as part of GSK’s sales pitch to push deadly drugs and unreliable tests.

Staying Alive also receives funding from Positive Action, which is a GSK marketing scam that pushes toxic HIV drugs in places like Africa, where children smoke HIV drugs like crack cocaine.  

The Body Shop is funded by The Body Shop Foundation, which is heavily funded by other drug companies pushing drugs and contraceptives to vulnerable women here and abroad.  The Staying Alive ad depicts men killing women with guns, while the drugs they promote kill and injure a million Americans annually.

In Europe, the ads are as bad – or worse.

While HIV-infected Adolph Hitler’s commit genocide in Germany…

… a human orgy squirms like maggots in an hourglass… 

At the end of these ads, viewers are told that young heterosexual women are “the fastest growing group of people infected by HIV and AIDS.”

If true, it’s hard to imagine why the CDC, NIH, and South Carolina’s top AIDS experts couldn’t send Jason Young or Corporal RL away for life.  It wasn’t that they don’t like HIV cases – Brisbin successfully prosecuted a teacher, who was sentenced to six years in 2009.

OMSJ’s involvement in criminal HIV cases is not intended to defend the accused, but to secure the sworn testimony of their medical accusers.

So far, the medical experts seem to be more concerned about making incriminating statements about themselves than worrying about alleged threats like Jason Young.

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