Thirty years ago this spring, actor Rock Hudson tested “positive” on the new “HIV test.”  A year and a half later, he was dead of so-called “AIDS” after sensational media reports set off a sexual panic.  We look at the more likely causes of death – and why those causes matter. (more…)

    The only thing more devastating than finding out I was HIV+ was finding out my CD4 count was only 240.  It was about a month after testing positive and I had been psyching myself up, willing myself to be healthy, to be an “elite controller” or to find some miraculous nutritional (more…)

    It began in 2009 with Eneydi Torres.  Accused of exposing several men to HIV, Florida prosecutors threatened Torres with decades in prison unless she accepted their plea deal.  But when asked to prove the reliability of HIV testing, prosecutors abruptly reduced their offer of 15 years in state prison to five days of unsupervised probation. (more…)

    (March 24) — For almost two years, molecular biologist Bénédicte Trouiller doused the drinking water of scores of lab mice with nano-titanium dioxide, the most common nanomaterial used in consumer products today.   She knew that earlier studies conducted in test tubes and petri dishes had shown the (more…)


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