July 10, 2010

FROM THE WHALE – Vaccination is the longest running hoax perpetrated by Allopathy, the most pernicious, and the most dangerous thing that your children will ever face.    When you think about it, this is the belief you are given, without you being much aware of it, when you go out and vaccinate your kids: “If you don’t vaccinate with our safe vaccine, and your child dies from one of the dangerous vaccine-preventable diseases then you will have to live with the guilt for the rest of your life, and we will keep reminding you how irresponsible you were.”  And vaccination, you believe, will insure you against any future guilt.  You don’t want to look into the vaccine dangers as you think they protect from dangerous diseases and the risk benefit ratio is worth it.  So don’t worry yourself unnecessarily, just do as you are told, trust Authority.

“I highly recommend this vaccine website for its educational value.”  Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D.

“I would challenge any colleague, clinician or research scientist to claim that we have a basic understanding of the human newborn immune system.” Testimony of Dr Dunbar

Read Why Vaccination Continues to see why it is so important to our medical monopoly.  It started and is built upon The Smallpox Hoax, where smallpox vaccination actually killed millions, not saved millions as they claim (the bigger the lie etc).  Investigating that should put anyone off the rest, but they, and vaccination theory, can be taken apart in bits below, or in one article which is worth printing out: THE VACCINATION RACKET. A simple short article by Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD is one of the best. There are over 50 anti-vaccine books you can read, or the latest which is excellent by Neil Miller: [2008] Vaccine Safety Manual (and he leaves out disease theory and the The Vitamin C Conspiracy), along with all the ArticlesVaccine Ppidemic was released in 2011. Bear in mind that it is way way worse than you could possibly imagine. 

1. In brief: You can see the webmaster’s opinions after collecting and reviewing the material on this website for over 15 years: 

  • Vaccines aren’t in any way safe, and are far more dangerous than the diseases.  [See: The ‘Vaccines are Safe‘ lieHype Disease risk.]
  • Vaccination is the main cause of autism, and they are not looking for the truth in that regard, for the truth would destroy the medical industry with a ‘dominoe effect.’  [See: Vaccine autism proven.]
  • They don’t ‘protect’ as advertised, and interfere with the immune system to our detriment.  Over 50% of cases have been vaccinated.  The only ‘protection’ going on here is a protection ‘racket’ where the vaccines are falsely made out to be safe and effective and the diseases are falsely made out to be dangerous (helped by the ignoring of effective medicine), while the money flows in.   [See: The ‘vaccines are effective‘ lie  Money incentive  Vaccine Disease Racket]
  • Vaccination never eliminated any disease, such as smallpox & polio.  [See: The Smallpox Lie, Polio.]
  • The statistics show vaccination never reduced or eliminated any disease death rate, eg measles deaths had declined 99.4% before vaccination. [See: Statistics.]
  • Childhood diseases such as mumps, measles and chickenpox are necessary processes of the immune system. [See: Homeopathy & Measles,   Chickenpox quotes, Mumps quotes.]
  • The diseases are safe in healthy well fed children under proper supervision.   Unhealthy, and/or malnourished children should not be vaccinated (ie most third world children), where they sell off proven dangerous withdrawn vaccines such as MMR Urabe [See: Dr Kalokerinos MD quotes.]
  • The dangers of all the diseases have been massively hyped to sell vaccination, and fearmongering has become a science to more effectively sell vaccines and other drugs. [See: Epidemic Fear mongering.]
  • Numerous disease treatments, disease prevention, knowledge, and cures, such as Vitamin C, have been ignored or suppressed (same thing), along with the danger of junk food, which reveals the real agenda of the medical industry.  [See: Levy, MD,    Klenner MDPaul Stitt.]
  • The medical industry has lied to the public (and themselves) over vaccination with the help of various propaganda ploys, mostly lies—it is unwise to take the medicine of an industry that lies.  One lie and you are out, this lot have been lying 24/7 for over 200 years.  [See:  Medical Control ploys .]
  • The appalling treatment of vaccine victims [See: Treatment of vaccine victims.] exposes the proffered benevolence (for the children etc) as a total sham, also exposed by:
        The way they keep vaccines proven unsafe in one country on the market in others for years, and then sell them to third world countries, in some cases for decades. [Eg MMR Urabe.] along with all the mercury vaccines they have stopped using here (although in fact they still use some of them). [See: Mercury.]
        The way they know a vaccine is unsafe, withdraw it in one country yet still use it for years in another. [See: Profits vs. Safety.]
  • Vaccination, from top to bottom (especially the government where all ‘health’ departments and vaccine committees are run by Allopaths eg Salisbury), is run by Allopathy Inc—the fox has been in charge of the henhouse since vaccination began, so only the vaccine belief system ever gets disseminated [See: Conflict of interest], especially by the controlled Media where Allopaths such as Ben Goldacre are given full reign and only Allopathic ‘Experts‘, such as him, ever get into the papers.
  • Vaccine testing, for effectiveness and contaminants, is left to the makers, and they have NEVER (that anyone has yet found) run a vaccine trial using 100% unvaccinated children as controls–some sort of red flag–it is left to journalists like Dan Olmsted, and you can see why.  [See: ‘Vaccines are adequately tested’ lie  Medical study ploys.] One of their main reasons for maintaining high vaccine uptake is to eliminate these unvaccinated controls.  Also: the false Pasteurian germ theory, while the correct one (Bechamp) would completely shred the vaccination belief system. [See: Disease Theory.]
  • Vaccine makers are protected from litigation, which eliminates the main driver for vaccine ‘safety’.  Not only that, the victims (taxpayer) have to pay for the damage.
  • Vaccination is run on
  • Consequently, along with the present knowledge of the child immune system (as stated by Dr Dunbar, above), vaccination is an on going, highly profitable, long ago failed medical experiment using children, without informed consent, and to compound that fact–by compulsion in the USA. 

2. These points are expanded in the article: THE VACCINATION RACKET 

Also, to help overcome the medical brainwashing and pressure to vaccinate: 

3.  Join Vaccination e mail list (800 members) for support and information, and the online vaccine dangers class is recommended: [Online by email] Vaccine Dangers CLASSES  if you have time. 

or ask on this forum (be aware that pharma trolls are there also):  JABS  

Some more things to do in time: 

4. Read these articles first:
The Medical Time Bomb of Immunisation Against Disease by Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD
[2008] Key realities about autism, vaccines, vaccine-injury compensation, Thimerosal, and autism-related research—-Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D & P.G. King PhD.
Principles of Vaccination by Sylvie Simon
Does systematic Vaccination give health to people?——Anita Petek-Dimmer

5.  Consult a health professional who doesn’t believe in vaccination to obtain a true second opinion.  This can be a Homeopath, Naturopath, Natural Hygienist, Herbalist, Chiropractor, and even some medical doctors.  A list of UK naturopath Practitioners (“MRN”—4 years full time training)  

Uninformed Consent:  What doctors see—Package Inserts and what parents see– Parent “Information” Leaflets 

“As well consult a butcher on the value of vegetarianism as a doctor on the worth of vaccination.” —George Bernard Shaw“Well, he would, wouldn’t he?”—Mandy Rice-Davies 

6.  Study the disease and health beliefs of natural hygiene (which is, essentially, pure naturopathy).  An article that addresses this is Chicken Pox by Gary Krasner.  More can be found here: disease theory.  Also the beliefs of homeopathy.  Different beliefs and therapies regarding  Measles. 

7.  Become a member of pro-choice vaccination groups such as The Informed Parent (UK), National Vaccine Information Centre(USA) and the Australian Vaccination Network.  More can be obtained here 

8.  Read as many books as possible.   The vaccination video is an excellent start: Vaccination: The Hidden Truth.    One excellent book on line here: Universal Immunization: Medical Miracle or Masterful Mirage by Raymond Obomsawin MD 

9.  One of the main drivers for the belief in the efficacy of vaccines is the belief that vaccination rid the world of smallpox & polio.  A second opinion on that belief can be obtained here on smallpox and here on polio 

10. Read as many vaccine Articles, Testimonies and Interviews as possible, or in brief the quotes.  Articles by Medical Doctors. 

Six Reasons to Question Vaccinations & Ten Reasons to Just Say ‘No’ to VaccinationsWalene James 

11.  If your child is damaged by a vaccine you are on your own.  Around 1 in 4 claims achieve compensation in the USA, 1 in 100 in the UK, which is derisory.  Read  parent testimonials by  Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder & President  National Vaccine Information Center & Meryl W. Dorey, President of the Australian Vaccination network and more here. 

12.  To see how the Media sells vaccines see Letter to Nightline by Michael Horwin & Raphaele Horwin.  To see how governments sell vaccines start here or read Michael Belkin  

13.  Have a look at the vaccine ingredients, especially mercury,   Neomycin, the various vaccine contaminants, and the vaccine package inserts 

14.  If you follow the above advice you should be fully informed about the dangers of vaccination–this is real informed consent.   Compare this with the information on the UK government leaflet eg: concerning DPT vaccine—-they say there is no evidence to show it causes brain damage, even though they have paid out for 900 children severly brain damaged by that vaccine, as H Wain points out.  We call this information control. 

[Media] scientists don’t know how vaccines work 

Parents Not Receiving Full Information on Vaccines 

“Probably 20% of American children—one youngster in five— suffers from “development disability”. This is a stupefying figure….We have inflicted it on ourselves…… “development disabilities” are nearly always generated by encephalitis. And the primary cause of encephalitis in the USA and other industrialised countries is the childhood vaccination program. To be specific, a large proportion of the millions of US children and adults suffering from autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia, and other shoots or branches of the hydraheaded entity called “development disabilities”, owe their disorders to one or another of the vaccines against childhood diseases.”—Harris Coulter. 

“I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it would oblige them to admit the falsity of conlusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.”–Leo Tolstoy 

“Either you think – or else others have to think for you and take power from you.”  – F. Scott Fitzgerald 

“All great truths begin as blasphemies.”–George Bernard Shaw. 

“With most people unbelief in one thing is founded on blind belief in another.”–Lichtenberg 

Comments sent by e mail re  

“Let no one who has the slightest desire to live in peace and quietness be tempted, under any circumstances, to enter upon the chivalrous task of trying to correct a popular error.”—(William Thoms, deputy librarian for the House of Lords, c. 1873) 

Disclaimer:  All information posted on this web site is the opinion of the author and is provided for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical or legal advice. Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice in the USA. 

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