The Untouchable Third Rail in Healthcare—The Vaccine Controversy-Part III

October 7, 2012

07 Oct (AHRP) – The US infant vaccine schedule is the most aggressive in the world. US infants are subjected from birth to the highest number of vaccines—26 doses before age one—and 36 doses by age 5.[1] Vaccines pose risks—some infants have suffered severe allergic reactions, brain damage (encephalopathy), seizures, and death.[2] Some vaccines include live viruses, animal and human DNA, heavy metals, and various foreign contaminants—some intentional, others unintentional.[22]  Infants’ underdeveloped brain and immune system are overwhelmed by excessive vaccine doses—some for non-communicable diseases that pose no risk for well cared for babies. Neurosurgeons warn that the vaccine schedule “can result in brain inflammation and brain swelling that can be prolonged, even lasting years. This can result in seizures…”[3]

In Congressional testimony, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (1999)[4] stated:

“The federal policy of mandating vaccines marks a monumental change in the concept of public health. Traditionally, public health authorities restricted the liberties of individuals only in case of a clear and present danger to public health. For example, individuals infected with a transmissible disease were quarantined.”  

Mandatory government vaccination policies have galvanized a parents’ movement that is gaining momentum because the magnitude of an epidemic of harm—in particular, autoimmune and neurological injuries—has affected ever more families.  State mandated vaccine policies are an inversion of medical ethics and human rights. These policies are predicated on three unsupportable rationales:

1.      The first rationale, that vaccines are “safe.”This rationale is belied by the Supreme Court’s acknowledgement that they are “unavoidably unsafe.”[5]   Vaccines pose inherent risks—for some children the risks are catastrophic.

2.      The second rationale applies the harmful “one size fits all” approach to medicine disregarding the bio-genetic vulnerabilities of the individual child, producing preventable catastrophic results.

3.       The third rationale endorses the utilitarian argument and its callous disregard for the individual: “some children” must be sacrificed for “the greater good.” That argument was the Nazi doctors’ defense for their crimes—and it was roundly rejected by the Nuremburg Court.

  • In 1986, the US government granted vaccine manufacturers almost total immunity from legal liability after thousands claimed serious injury.[5] 
  • Vaccine safety data maintained by CDC are only selectively accessible for independent scientific review.
  • Vaccine risks are not disclosed to parents who are denied the right and duty to make an informed healthcare decision affecting their child.
  • The US recommended vaccination schedule is set by the federal government and vaccine manufacturers.
  • FDA-licensed vaccines pose inherent risks of harm—they’ve been ruled “unavoidably unsafe” by law, [5] and acknowledged as such by the US Supreme Court (2011). [6]

The vaccine industry has profited enormously from state mandatory vaccine policies, the absence of competition, a shield from all legal liability–and even a shield from having to disclose the risks to parents.

Public health officials and vaccine manufacturers set vaccine policies and control the information disseminated about vaccine safety. Industry and government maintain control over vaccine research by funding only researchers who support the government’s vaccine policy. Safety trials in medicine are inordinately costly requiring millions of dollars for sophisticated technology, laboratories and staff that only pharmaceutical companies or government can afford. Researchers who receive funding from government and / or industry do not design studies that are likely to detect serious safety issues, or to identify the cause of pervasive childhood disabling conditions—in particular, autism. Instead, their research tends to confirm the claims about the safety of vaccines in the schedule.[7]

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