S.A.N.E.Vax Announces Medical Surprise: Gardasil® HPV DNA Discovered in Post-Mortem Blood and Spleen Tissue

August 8, 2012

 (TROY, MONTANA) – According to Norma Erickson, President of S.A.N.E.Vax Inc., testimony provided for a coroner’s inquest into the death of Jasmine Renata in New Zealand by Dr. Sin Hang Lee, a pathologist on the medical staff at Connecticut’s Milford Hospital, revealed the discovery of HPV DNA fragments in post-mortem samples 6 months after Gardasil® vaccination.

“Guidelines for the Use of Molecular Tests for the Detection and Genotyping of Human Papillomavirus from Clinical Specimens”

Dr. Lee’s testimony stated:

“The finding of these foreign DNA fragments in the post-mortem samples six months after vaccination indicates that some of the residual DNA fragments from the viral gene or plasmid injected with Gardasil® have been protected from degradation in the form of DNA-aluminum complexes in the macrophages; or via integration into the human genome.

Undegraded viral and plasmid DNA fragments are known to activate macrophages, causing them to release tumor necrosis factor, a myocardial depressant which can induce lethal shock in animals and humans.”

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