Release the Positives

October 27, 2010

Right from the beginning, the tenets of the HIV/AIDS theory have been full of unanswered questions, doubts and controversies.  When it was announced that the probable cause of AIDS had been found, the public was not alerted to the controversy that was brewing.

Dr. Robert Gallo, a thief, “The stealer concluded before the fact that the immune failure condition they were witnessing was a result of a virus acquired through sexual transmission. These facts were based on a stolen sample that had been brought to him from France. We fail to understand what type of reasoning dictates that simply because the sample had been extracted from a gay person, the disease that was afflicting that individual was sexually transmitted. Suddenly all known factors that weakened the immune system were ignored.  When later, as time progressed and all evidence pointed to the contrary, we hoped the Government was going to be impartial and intervene.

Two schools of thought emerged over the years, with Dr Peter Duesberg, a professor and prominent virologist rejecting both the fact that the virus, so far detected, causes AIDS nor is it sexually transmitted. Several people scientists and lay people alike have been raising concerns even though they were initially believers of the theory, they have made observations over the years and come to conclude that there is something fundamentally wrong with the theory. It is sad to note that when ordinary people question these anomalies to medical personnel, the medical experts seem annoyed exhibiting unprofessional tendencies by ignoring the questions or intimidating patients to accept the theory and never to question the anomalies. This seems consistent with value judgment which has no room in scientific deductions.

When such controversy does exist, it is our expectation that the governments, world over, should intervene impartially to try and clarify matters and NOT to collaborate with one school of thought. If high ranking, immensely qualified brilliant minds oppose Gallo’s theory, who are the parliamentarians to collaborate with Gallo’s school of thought? They have no business accepting unverified theories. They have no business accepting scientific papers that have not received peer review. Their duty is to question these anomalies, to commission independent studies, to protect those people who might be affected negatively by faulty information. Their duty is to bring these two schools together, demand proof, demand balanced studies, seek consensus before making decisions to arrest people on the basis of questionable theory.

For as long as the theory remains controversial and remains a subject of great disagreement between the two schools-of-thought, as long as every facet of the theory remains questionable and as long as the decision to arrest people is being made by ignorant politicians, who have no business being collaborators of the dogma, those languishing in prisons as a result of such under-informed decisions, can easily be classified political prisoners. It remains sad to notice that in countries that preach political democracy, academic democracy is on the road to extinction.

Johnson Tagarisa was born in Zimbabwe and currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.

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