Latest IPCC Models Still Unable To Simulate Monsoons

October 14, 2013

(C3 HEADLINES) National, regional and local politicians/policymakers, and those unelected bureaucrats, rely on the IPCC’s climate models (and other similar simulations) to justify and make plans for vast expenditures of taxpayers’ dollars to vanquish climate change.

Unfortunately, as this peer reviewed article finds, the latest climate models are absolutely worthless in regards to rational policy-making and expenditures for future weather/climate.

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Intuitively, one would expect that after the gargantuan, multi-billion dollar sums that climate modellers spent, their sophisticated computer simulations would now, at minimum, accurately forecast the impacts of incredibly large weather phenomenon that occur regularly, such as the east Asian monsoons. Not so, as this scientific research clearly documents.

More often than not, the biggest, baddest, most complex and expensive models have a long history at abysmal prediction skill.

Objectively, the models remain good tools for climate researchers to learn from, but they really can’t predict squat when it comes to future climate reality, and should never be used for that purpose.


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