Three climate secrets you need to know

October 23, 2013

(CLIMATE CHANGE DISPATCH) Shall I tell you a secret? The Sun warms the Earth and the Earth warms the atmosphere. Have you got that? It took me a while to ponder over this. I got it from my Climate guru, my personal trainer in all matters scientific.

by Anthony Bright-Paul

Actually Hans is my third personal trainer, and he will not mind if I say I don’t believe a word he says. That’s right  – I don’t believe a word he says, until I have my own evidence for what he explains.

If the Sun warmed the atmosphere, the top of the atmosphere, or at least the top of the Troposphere, would be hot – but it isn’t – at 33,000 feet it is about minus 55C. I don’t have to tell you guys that do I? Just ask anyone who flies and watches the monitor on board. So radiation from the Sun encounters mass and the earth and the oceans warm the atmosphere from the bottom up.

Some smart-arse disagreed with this. He said to me: ‘Sit on a cold brick wall on a frosty morning and see just how warm the earth is!’ Well that smart arse had a point. So now let me share with you a second secret. The Sun warms the Earth and Oceans and the Earth and Oceans warm or cool the atmosphere.

Ah, that makes a difference, that makes sense, doesn’t it? When the Sun shines down on the sand even on the Riviera, the sands are often too hot for the feet. Even more so in the Sahara. So the atmosphere likewise gets hot and the temperature rises. When the sun goes down the sands cool rapidly, even the Bedouin will make a fire and drink hot tea. When the earth cools down so does the atmosphere.

Where it is hot and humid, as in Jakarta, the atmosphere will cool more slowly, but cool it will, inexorably. In the UK now that autumn is upon us and the ground is wet and moist, so is the atmosphere. And as the sun goes down the atmosphere cools rapidly, so it quite cold by dawn.

Is it as simple as that? Of course not! Why? Because we have winds and these winds re-distribute huge volumes of air around the globe. In the UK the winds play a prominent part in our weather. If the winds come from the south we receive hot air from the Sahara. If the wind is from West crossing the Atlantic we can expect rain and it is often fairly mild. If the wind is from Iceland and the north, yes it is cold. And when in winter the predominant wind is from the frozen steppes of Russia we can expect a prolonged period of cold and snow.

Shall I tell you another secret that I only learned quite recently from my climate guru? My mentor is a bit like one of those old Zen masters – if I don’t get something right he can get quite cross. But then, as I have explained, I just will not believe anything he says unless it concurs with my own evidence.

Just how does the Earth influence the atmosphere?  Here’s secret three: By contact, by conduction.

Let’s do an experiment. Boil up a kettle of water, preferably in a nice shiny metal kettle. When it is boiled hover your hands over and round the kettle in order to experience its warmth. Actually you have to hover your hands quite near in order to experience its radiant heat. Now put your hands on the hot kettle! Careful! Now do you see what I mean? If you clasped hold of a hot kettle you would know it instantly. Your immediate reaction would be to let go; otherwise you would burn yourself severely and come out in blisters or worse.

From this extremely simple experiment it is possible to learn two things. By touching, by conduction the transfer of energy is immediate. On the other hand the transfer of energy by radiation is not only slow, but is governed by distance and intensity, which has a fancy name – inverse square law.

What relevance does this have for us in following the climate debate? What relevance does this have for man-made Global warming?  It is very simple – we can see easily that the atmosphere warms and cools by touching, by contact, in a word by conduction. And we can also see quite clearly that it cools by convection. As the steam rises out of a kettle spout it is very hot immediately but a couple of feet up it has already cooled. Now the Warmists base all their theory on radiation and here I will append an extract from an email from my learned friend Max Potter: –

When the energy is re-radiated it is emitted as much lower frequency infrared (below or lower frequency than red). It is this infrared radiation, which is absorbed by the “greenhouse gases” (including water vapour), which warm the atmosphere.Email from Max Potter Nov 24 2012

Unwittingly Max has explained precisely why the whole man-made Global Warming has not worked and is entirely fraudulent. Firstly it is based entirely on radiation, which as we know is slow and does not travel far. Why? Because we now know from our own observations and experiments that heat energy is moved with immediacy by contact, by conduction. Secondly we know that the sum total of all the Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is a mere 1%, which includes Water Vapour and Carbon Dioxide as well as other Greenhouse Gases. So this radiation is only being absorbed and emitted by 1% of the atmosphere and arguably only at ground level. Why do I say that? Because of convection, because warmed air rises and cools, and remember the Greenhouse Gases are just a very minor part of the atmosphere. The idea that there should be a hot spot in the sky or a lot of teeny-weeny suspended Chinese lanterns lit up by ‘photons’ is just inadmissible, if not entirely ludicrous.

It is not just that there is no such thing as man-made Global warming – it is entirely impossible. Heat, by itself, can only flow from hot to cold – 2nd Law of thermodynamics.

Why is it important to establish this fact and to repeat it again and again? Because millions of £s sterling and millions of dollars have been spent and are being spent on an entirely spurious campaign to prevent Global Warming and Climate Change.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light!  (Dylan Thomas)

Yes Dylan, I am raging; I am raging against the dying of the light!


Sometimes it happens that after I have written something the true import of what I myself have written dawns upon me. Of course the three secrets that I have divulged are just the opposite – they are not secrets at all. In fact they are evidential, they are secrets only in the sense that they are so obvious that people fail to recognize them.

The same occurs with me also. Once I had realised that the Earth and the Oceans warm or cool the atmosphere, it was only last night that the enormity of this realisation came upon me. Why so?  Because the Earth and the Oceans are in contact with the atmosphere over the whole surface. Or rather if one prefers it, the atmosphere envelops the whole of everything, – every single nook and cranny is covered by the atmosphere.

It does not matter if it is the sands of the Sahara or the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, it does not matter if it is the Siberian steppes or the mountains of Tibet, it makes not a whit of difference if it is a Silesian salt mine or a New York skyscraper, everything everywhere is covered by the atmosphere. Just everything is in contact.

Just think for one moment what that means. That means that everywhere upon this Earth there is a heat exchange taking place by conduction. So that where there is snow and ice floes the atmosphere cools; where the tropical Sun beats down the atmosphere warms. Where winds blow the air is re-distributed. Only this morning I saw on the BBC News that London had a temperature of 17C last night and why? Because of huge southerly winds bringing up warmth from the tropics.

A lady friend wrote to me over Facebook to say she was consulting a scientist. She has no need to do that. The only need is to consult with the evidence of her own senses. If one goes to the great Cathedral of Chartres or if you visit the Taj Mahal and you were to say that these monuments have an atmosphere, you are correct. It is the same with Pisa and its famed leaning tower; it is the same if you were to visit the Buddhist Temple of Borobodhur in central Java.

If you watch the rushing torrents in North Wales at Betws-y–Cooed, or the placid lakes like Lake Como in Italy; if you see the wonders of the Mer de Glace in the Haute Savoie, you cannot escape the fact that everywhere is enveloped in atmosphere. This enormous covering envelops the whole earth – no place is without it.

You might think that I am stating the obvious. It is so obvious that it is easy to overlook, that every inch of the terrain or the waters of this earth are in contact with the atmosphere, and every inch is exchanging heat with this same atmosphere, night and day, endlessly. Some places are cooling and some are warming, there is no stopping, there is no moment in time that is the same as the moment in time that has just passed.

It is not possible to take an average of this flux for the simple reason that it is constantly on the move. So the atmosphere is warming and cooling and shifting incessantly by contact with the earth. The gases of the atmosphere do not warm the Earth – the Earth and Oceans warm and or cool the atmosphere.

What then of the idea that the Earth radiates infrared at a low frequency and that Carbon Dioxide absorbs and emits it? Sure we will allow that, remembering both the absorption and the almost instantaneous emission. But Carbon Dioxide is a mere 0.04% of the atmosphere. So if it warms up and cools down it is almost irrelevant. My friend Max Potter has conceded that Carbon Dioxide does not generate heat – he opines as many other Warmists do that it traps heat. Really? Tell me anyone, how do you trap heat? In a little black box or a hot water bottle? And would it remain trapped or would the genie escape? Come now, we are not children. There is no way that heat can be trapped.

It can be generated; heat can be generated, even by rubbing two sticks together. So it is suggested that excited molecules rub against each other and pass on their heat, somewhere up in the cold atmosphere and thus cause Global warming. Even if this was less than absurd, is it suggested that 0.04% of the atmosphere has somehow managed to warm the other 99%?

Too many Sceptic scientists have managed to waste their time arguing with such tomfoolery, when all the time they could have asserted what is evident, what is obvious to every man and woman of the slightest intelligence, namely that the earth and the oceans warm or cool the planet by contact, by touching, by conduction all at once and all the time, night and day.

Let me repeat this. Every single one of us is surrounded by atmosphere. The land and sea are covered by the air, and the air surrounds us all. Every single surface is either warming or cooling across the entire globe simultaneously.

I will repeat that: – Every single surface is either warming or cooling simultaneously by contact with the atmosphere night and day.

Let me ask you, ‘Is that credible? Is that observable? Is that evidential?’ Any man or woman who is not entirely asleep can observe this warming or cooling by contact every single day. There is no hocus-pocus about watts per square metre; there is no hocus-pocus about infrared radiation affecting molecules suspended in the ether!

No! What I have written and which came to me as a blinding light is easily comprehensible to any garage mechanic, to any plumber and heating engineer and to any housewife who does the cooking.

I am indebted to Hans Schreuder for opening my eyes to such an obvious thing that I have been in a state of excitement with the realisation of it all and the need to pass it on again to all my fellow men and women.

There is no Anthropogenic Global Warming, my friends. It is totally beyond the power of man either to warm or to cool the globe.  There is however simultaneous global warming and global cooling and this is entirely in the hands of that great orb in the sky, the Sun.


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