225,000 American Patients Die in Doctor’s Hands

March 6, 2013

04 Mar (INFOWARS) –  In my previous article, I examined the silence of the lambs (media) concerning the collusion between Monsanto and the FDA. In the case of medical care in America, that purposeful silence reigns supreme as well. By the most conservative estimate, researched and published by mainstream medical sources, the US medical system kills 225,000 people each year. That’s 2.25 MILLION deaths per decade. You’d think such a mind-boggling fact would rate a relentless series of page-one stories in the press, along with top-story status on the network evening news. But no. It’s wall-to-wall silence.

What? We can list the usual reasons, the medical/pharmaceutical advertising dollars spent on television and in newspapers being the most obvious reason. • A d v e r t i s e m e n t • We have the reality that, of those 225,000 annual deaths, 106,000 occur as a direct effect of pharmaceutical drugs. The FDA is the single government agency tasked with certifying all medicines as safe and effective before they’re released for public use. Any exposure of the medical death statistics would automatically indict the FDA.


Major media won’t take on the FDA at that level. One of the many truths which would come to light in the event that the press did attack the FDA full-on? The FDA spends an inordinate amount of time, energy, and money going after the nutritional supplement industry, which causes virtually no deaths in any year or decade. The public would of course discover that, by certifying medical drugs as safe and effective, drugs that kill, like clockwork, 106,000 people a year, the FDA is colluding with, and serving, Big Pharma. You can’t possibly approve so many drugs that wreak so much human destruction through mere incompetence. Apologists for the FDA might like to think so, but they are terribly, terribly wrong. They are whistling in the dark, trusting “science” as our guide. Since I’ve been reporting these medically-caused death figures—I started 12 years ago—people have told me, “This is impossible. If it were true, the media would be reporting it.” That argument is upside down. The statistics are real and true. In fact, they are very low estimates. Therefore, the press is colluding to keep them well under the radar.


The mainstream press is built to be able to maintain silence on issues such as this. It’s part of their job. Although many reporters and editors are simply ignorant and clueless, at the highest levels of media we are looking at sheer manipulation. We are looking at the crime of accessory to murder. I don’t say murder in any non-literal way. It’s murder because, when you know the facts, when you know what a huge government institution (FDA) is doing to the population, and when that institution itself is well aware of its lethal impact on the public and does nothing about it, year after year, decade after decade, it’s FDA murder and it’s media’s accessory to murder. It’s not merely negligent homicide. There is no negligence here, any more than there would be if you took a loaded gun out into the street and started firing randomly at crowds of people. Underneath it all, the press maintains silence because they are not permitted to hammer a huge fracture in what is called “the public trust.”


It’s the false illusion that basically things are all right. That’s the simplest way to say it. Things are all right. They’re especially all right when it comes to the medical profession. Doctors are modern priests in white coats. But the priests are the ones who are prescribing the drugs that are killing people. If the extent of their crimes were made known, trust would evaporate in seconds. And not just trust in the medical profession. Trust, or the lack of it, is contagious. It spreads to other areas quickly. “Well, if they’re lying abut this, and killing people, then who else is lying and killing?” “We know that people die in wars. But the doctors are supposed to be saving lives. They’re not supposed to be giving people drugs that kill them at the rate of 106,000 a year, every year.” The press and the people who own media companies are aware they are guardians of the public trust. However, that has nothing to do with telling the truth. The press is guarding the illusion of truth. That’s how they interpret their mandate. Nowhere is this perversion more clear than in the medical arena. 

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