War on Life: The Kidnapping & Torture of Baby Rico

March 3, 2013

28 Feb (TRUTH BARRIER) – We’ve kept quiet about the situation since December, 2012. Lindsey Nagel gave birth to a healthy baby boy on December 19. He was supposed to come home a few days later. He is still not home. He remains in the hospital, in state custody, covered in tubes. So battered and destroyed by force fed ARV drugs, the family has begun to wonder if Rico will make it.

John and his son Rico

“They aren’t gonna quit.  It doesn’t end.  There can’t be two of them.  Can you imagine if Lindsey had a baby after 22 years and the baby lived?  Can you imagine?  It didn’t happen to Lindsey. It happened to Rico.”

Steve Nagel, grandfather of Rico

” I don’t know if Rico will make it out of the hospital, at this point,” said Rico’s grandfather, Steve Nagel. “He’s basically on life support right now. He’s 7 pounds. He needs his family. He needs love. But they couldn’t let this mother have a baby that lived too. I’m all cried out over this. It’s just unbelievable.”

The same day Rico was born, while Lindsey was resting, three figures appeared at the foot of her bed.  It was an infectious disease doctor, a lawyer and a social worker.  They told her that unless she consented to being tested for HIV, and allowed them to test Rico for HIV, they were going to turn Lindsey in to Mower county Social Services for child endangerment.”

Cheryl Nagel, grandmother of Rico


I have covered the HIV wars, in gory detail, and with increasing shock, since Peter Duesberg’s first critique appeared in the literature in 1987, in Cancer Research, arguing against “retroviruses” as causes of cancer and or pathogens capable of causing “AIDS.”  You know, this “war,” it always has a precise location at a given time, a portal–a human being, or family, through whom it beats its message of ultra violence, its domination, its will to prevail. It is blind with rage and fear, and it does not know how to differentiate between killing and “saving lives.” If it has to kill in the name of saving lives, it will.

It–the dark, grey, meaningless, Godforsaken evil– has now gotten a small baby boy in its grip, and his life is hanging in the balance, as I write this.

The boy’s name is Rico Martinez Nagel. His mother is Lindsey Nagel, familiar to many of you. Lindsey was adopted by her parents, Steve and Cheryl Nagel, from Romania, as an infant, in 1990. She was tested for “HIV” in Romania, and tested negative. Upon arriving to the United States, she was re-tested and tested positive. Shortly after arriving to her new home with her new loving family, in Minneapolis, MN, her parents prepared for her imminent death, after doctors gave their grave prophecies that she would probably not live past the age of two. She was put on AZT. She suffered, of course–AZT being “the antithesis of life,” and a chemotherapeutic agent that kills all dividing cells. She screamed day and night, she stopped eating, she stopped growing. Her parents were assured this was all the effects of the deadly virus, HIV.

Cheryl’s father one day happened upon an article in The National Review, by Tom Bethell, about the critique of German cancer virologist Peter Duesberg, asserting the harmless nature of HIV and explaining why HIV can’t cause AIDS. What a “retrovirus” was exactly, was unclear then–the field was very new. Today the matter is even more opaque. But Duesberg pointed to the elephant in the room: Prior to Robert Gallo’s astonishing declaration at a press conference in April of 1984, that his lab had isolated a novel retrovirus and that it was determined to be the “probable cause of AIDS,” (by the next day, “the cause of AIDS”) retrovirology as a field was in agreement that retroviruses were non pathogenic, or “harmless,” i.e. did not kill cells.

The Nagels (in 1992) wrote to him in Berkeley, despairing about their “HIV positive” daughter suffering on AZT.   “Dr. Duesberg, if Lindsey were your daughter, what would you do?” they asked. Duesberg, speaking now as bio-chemist, wrote back, sending a dossier of scientific papers, and a hand written cover letter that said: “If you don’t take your daughter off AZT right away she will die, like Kimberly Bergalis…” (who perished on AZT and other “nukes,” from the early years of AIDS treatment.)

Lindsey had been on AZT for 22 months. Her growth had flatlined–she was literally not growing, at all, and barely eating, and spending most of her waking hours screaming. Despite dire threats from Lindsey’s doctors, the Nagels took their daughter off the drug.

” We decided we’d rather she have three good months than six bad ones,” her father Steve said.

Lo and behold, the “deadly virus” stopped being deadly, right away–coinciding perfectly with the cessation of the DNA chain terminating chemotherapy going into her system. Lindsey started growing and thriving, normally. She put on weight, fast. All her normal functions returned. The doctors continued to browbeat the Nagels in a protracted battle; They kept insisting Lindsey would die, soon, they knew not when exactly, if she were not put back on the drug. She would not live to age five. She would not live to age seven. She would not see “double digits.” And so forth. The Nagels prevailed. The system (which Duesberg calls “the Reich”) was not organized at that time, to simply seize a child and forcibly medicate. Or else they just got lucky. In any event, they got away with it. They got away with saving their daughter’s life and also keeping custody of her.

Lindsey with Peter Duesberg

Lindsey grew up. She never manifested any sickness. When she was 19, she met Peter Duesberg for the first time, at a 2009 screening in Nashville for the documentary House of Numbers.  I took this photo of the two of them in the parking lot of the airport.

Lindsey’s father Steve, some years back, did some research, to see what happened to the others. At the time Lindsey was “diagnosed” there were 12 children in the state of Minnesota under the age of 10 who had also been diagnosed HIV positive. Steve found that the other 11 were dead. Lindsey, the only child who got off the “lifesaving drugs” train, is the only one who made it out alive. Her life was saved by clear and unambiguous intervention of Peter Duesberg, routinely accused of being a mass murderer, for “denying” that “HIV causes AIDS.”  Her life was also saved by her parents intuition, clear thinking, and courage.

I went to visit the Nagels in 2009, in Minneapolis, and I met the extended family–Cheryl’s parents, and her amazing sister Pam, her husband Wes, and their kids. I was thinking to myself: This is a story about the heartland. Watching them, I understood how they all had a hand in Lindsey’s safe passage. Nobody was taken in by mumbo jumbo.

Steve still had a dark cloud he struggled with. “This isn’t over,” he said then. “It starts all over again when Lindsey gets pregnant and starts a family.”

I remember looking at Steve and wondering if he was not being unduly worried.

In September of 2012, Cheryl Nagel called me. “I have good news,” she said. “Lindsey is expecting.” She also told me that Lindsey was engaged to the baby’s father, that the family adores him, and that his name is John.  I was thrilled, and I trilled and cheered and congratulated, and jumped up and down.

Lindsey always was in my mind the princess of life, the one happy ending, the only triumph. The AIDS orthodoxy, which celebrates openly and luridly when an “AIDS denialist,” dies, obviously were driven mad by Lindsey’s existence. She undermines the notion that HIV antibodies signal impending sickness and death, for one, and clarifies the terrible truth about AZT therapy, namely that it killed “a whole generation of AIDS patients,” as German MD. Claus Koehnlein has said.


At a panel discussion for the Nashville screening of House of Numbers, I sat on a panel with, among others, Cheryl and Lindsey. A furious activist from the AIDS orthodoxy–Jeanne Bergman stood up from the audience, almost foaming at the mouth–and began attacking us all. I pointed to Lindsey: “May I ask a question?” I said to her. I pointed to Lindsey: “Can we agree Lindsey is sitting there, right there, and that she is real, and that she is alive?” Bergman went ballistic. “YOU ARE SUCH A F$%&NG LIAR!” she hollered, over and over, being escorted from the room by security. (To indicate the door through which the panelists should exit to attend the gathering afterwards, somebody had written a sign and put it on the door: “F–ng Liars This Way.” )

Cheryl attended many of Lindsey’s prenatal visits with her daughter. Everything was normal and fine. At no point were they counseled or urged to take ARV therapy during pregnancy. (This detail will become crucial later.)


On December 19, 2012, at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Lindsey gave birth to Rico, a healthy baby boy. His blood counts were indicative of health and a normal immune system.  Lindsey had repeatedly declined HIV testing for Rico.

Barely ten minutes after giving birth,  Lindsey was ambushed by hospital workers telling her if she declined testing she would lost custody of Rico. But they had already tested Rico, obviously. Afraid and cornered, Lindsey and John agreed to their demands.

For the complete story go to Truth Barrier.

For more information or to find out how you can help, go to www.saverico.com

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