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(Iowa City, IA) – This is the story of two men in Iowa charged with the same Class B Felony — criminally exposing HIV to another person — but one was convicted and the other was not. In 2009, Nick Rhoades, 38, was sentenced to 25 years in prison, while all charges against Thomas Call were dismissed in 2012. (more…)

    7 Feb | ProPublica – A firm that specializes in HIV medications has become the eighth pharmaceutical company to disclose the payments it has made to U.S. health professionals for speaking and consulting. (more…)

    By the time Melody Petersen gets around to interviewing Iowa’s state nosologist near the end of “Our Daily Meds,” the facts that she cites don’t even sound that grim. The nosologist’s job is to catalog Iowa’s deceased according to cause of death. He processes about 27,000 death certificates a year. And by his reckoning there were only five deaths caused by adverse reactions to prescription drugs in 2002. That low figure is jarringly out of whack with Ms. Petersen’s investigative reporting (more…)


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