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    Defiant CDC Researchers Stand by Original Findings

    Read Dr. Hooker’s Report at THIS LINK

    CDC Knowingly Put Children at Risk of Autism, Media Remains Silent (Video)

    CDC Whistleblower Exposes Vaccine/Autism Cover-Up

    Ebola: Covert Op in a Hypnotized World

    Top Investigator Has Blistering Criticism for VA Response to Whistle-blower


    EPA is America’s Other Enemy

    Journeying Back to Self

    (WASHINGTON AP) – After weeks of criticism for his detached response, President Barack Obama is showing new resolve to respond to a growing crisis over veterans’ health care. (more…)

    (PREVENT DISEASE NEWS) – There is something seriously wrong with the way attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is diagnosed in young children in the US, with over 1 million kids being potentially misdiagnosed just because they are the youngest in their kindergarten year, with the youngest in class twice as likely to be on stimulant medication. (more…)

    (NO MORE FAKE NEWS) – A federal bill, HR 3717, is being refined in the hope of gaining big support from both sides of the political aisle. Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) is the key point man for the American Psychiatric Association. This bill is playing off of Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, and other recent “mass events.” (more…)


    (REFUSERS) – (Comment) The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) recently published a disease map purporting to show that disease outbreaks are the fault of the unvaccinated.  While the mainstream media like PBS ran the story, they missed the fact that the C (more…)

    Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime

    (PETAPIXEL) – Several months after model Avril Nolan sued stock photography giant Getty Images for displaying her portrait and licensing it to the New York State Division of Human Rights for an HIV-related advertisement, a judge ruled the lawsuit will be taken to co (more…)

    As Glenn Greenwald’s story reveals, reputation destruction is one of the main tactics used by the United States and other western countries to “destroy, deny, degrade and disrupt” enemies by discrediting them and planting misinformation. (more…)

    (WSJ) – When Lou and Linda Pelletier sent their 15-year-old daughter, Justina, to Boston Children’s Hospital in February 2013, they thought it was a worrisome but temporary stay for a severe bout of the flu. But within days, the Connecticut couple had lost custody of their teenager to the state of Massachusetts over allegations of medical child abuse. (more…)

    (ATLANTA) – The HIV trial of Craig Lamar Davis in Clayton Country is over and the verdict is in: guilty on both counts of aggravated assault. Davis faces up to 20 years in prison for knowingly exposing a woman to HIV, a felony in Georgia, and his sentencing is scheduled for February 21.  The trial lasted a week and included 60 exhibits (more…)

    The trial of Craig Lamar Davis, 43, in Clayton County, Georgia, concluded testimony and closing arguments on Friday, January 17. The jury will continue their deliberations on (more…)

    On November 7th, 2013, members of the vaccine injury community held a briefing for congressional staffers to present many of the problems in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in preparation for hearings in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  (more…)

    He was a top-performing Staff Sergeant with the Air Force, but since 2011 David Gutierrez has languished in a small cell at Fort Leavenworth prison, proclaiming his innocence to anyone who will listen. When he is released in 2018, his punishment is not over: he must register for life as a sex offender and will be dishonorably discharged from the military. (more…)

    (NATURAL NEWS) –  A 15-year-old Connecticut girl remains held by Boston Children’s Hospital, a victim of the hospital’s “kidnap and ransom” operation, traditionally called “K&R.” K&R is not usually seen in hospitals, and that’s what makes this story so bizarre and disturbing. (more…)

    Marine Corps Master Sergeant Jerry Ensminger was a devoted Marine for twenty-five years.  As a drill instructor he lived and breathed the “Corps” and was  responsible for indoctrinating thousands of new recruits with its motto  Semper Fidelis or “Always Faithful.” (more…)

    (GOLDSBORO, NC) – After reviewing evidence from experts with the Office of Scientific and Medical Justice (OMSJ), government prosecutors have withdrawn all HIV-related criminal charges against a 34-year-old airman of Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C. (more…)

    (PROPUBLICA) – A few years ago I called a Las Vegas surgeon because I had hospital data showing which of his peers had high rates of surgical injuries – things like removing a healthy kidney , accidentally puncturing a young girl’s aorta during an appendectomy and (more…)



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