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31 Mar (OMSJ) – Last week, Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick posted this story about the alleged curing of an HIV+ baby, thanks (in her words) to smart doctors who used HIV tests and a toxic drug regimen to save the baby.  Not only does Fitzpatrick’s report raise serious questions about what was probably a serious case of medical malpractice, but someone at the Huffington Post spiked our questions. (more…)

    Two years ago, a group of Boston researchers published a study describing how they had destroyed cancer tumors by targeting a protein called STK33.  Scientists at biotechnology firm Amgen Inc. quickly pounced on the idea and assigned two dozen researchers to try to repeat the experiment with a goal of turning the findings into a drug. (more…)

    In a recent article in the Lancet Infectious Diseases, experts warned that a forensics technique called HIV phylogenetic analysis, sometimes called HIV fingerprinting, cannot definitively establish whether a specific individual transmitted HIV to another person.  The authors also stressed the need for scientists to recognize the limitations of the technique as a basis for proving HIV criminal transmission. (more…)

    22 DecProPublica has added another $13 million in payments to our Dollars for Docs database of drug-company spending on doctors and other health professionals. That brings the total to nearly $295 million. (more…)

    Shortly after I completed my first pharmaceutical corruption investigation in 2008, I learned of the Parenzee Case, which some activists called a landmark HIV case.  Upon closer review, I discovered that it represented something closer to a bad case of ineffective counsel. (more…)


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