Vaccine Truth

(VACTRUTH)In a press release issued on November 12, 2013, the human rights organization Peoples Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) stated that between September and October 2013, eight infants had died and many more had been seriously injured after they had received the pentavalent (5-in-1) vaccination. (more…)

    18 Aug (Released May 8, 2009) – In this award-winning documentary film Gary Null explores the causes and solutions to the epidemic of autism in our children.  In this film you will see children who have made an extraordinary recovery as they reconnect with the world around them. (more…)

    23 Mar (VACTRUTH) – Around the world, medical authorities tell parents that vaccination has been proven not to cause SIDS, and sometimes they are even told that vaccination prevents SIDS. However, the studies that are used to justify these claims use research methods that do not adequately investigate the possibility that vaccination may actually increase the risk of SIDS in susceptible babies.



    Jan 18 – This month, a California boy was awarded close to a million dollars for a vaccine causing his Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  But do vaccines cause autism?  Many parents think so – and the story is very familiar to many of us.  Parents often report their child regressing into an “autistic-like state” shortly after being vaccinated.  This term has become broadly known as Au (more…)


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