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ATLANTA– On January 13, 2014, the trial of Craig Lamar Davis begins in Clayton County, Georgia, and the stakes are high. If convicted of aggravated assault for not disclosing his alleged HIV-positive status to a sex partner, he could spend up to 10 years in prison. Accused in 2012 of engaging in unprotected sex with two di (more…)

    He was a top-performing Staff Sergeant with the Air Force, but since 2011 David Gutierrez has languished in a small cell at Fort Leavenworth prison, proclaiming his innocence to anyone who will listen. When he is released in 2018, his punishment is not over: he must register for life as a sex offender and will be dishonorably discharged from the military. (more…)

    9 Nov (TRUTH BARRIER) –“We hope the public reads the case file, we want law students to discuss it, we want to open up a dialogue about what is going on in this country behind closed doors, to silence dissenting voices. It shocked us and it should shock all Americans.” (more…)

    Despite her acquittal, Casey Anthony may be the most hated woman in America.  Our skepticism of her story doesn’t stem from the lack of evidence, for there was clearly not enough evidence to convict.  The fact is that children die.  So why are some parents charged criminally, while others are not?  Why do we sympathize with some parents more than we do with others? (more…)

    7 FEB – Recently, I met with friends for dinner at a popular West Hollywood restaurant.  As a respected general practitioner at one of the LA’s most prestigious hospitals, “Mike” was somewhat curious about my work with OMSJ – particularly the HIV Innocence Group(more…)

    Wichita KS – By all accounts, the US Air Force veteran was a trusted and valued serviceman.  As a member of the 22nd Maintenance Squadron, McConnell Air Force Base, Technical Sergeant David Gutierrez consistently received top performance evaluations for managing the service and repairs for the 22nd Refueling Wing.  But instead of celebrating his twentieth anniversary with the USAF (more…)

    In his book White Coat, Black Hat: Adventures on the Dark Side of Medicine (2010), bioethicist Carl Elliott MD PhD tells the story of “Len Shoemaker MD PhD” who practiced psychiatry for fourteen months as a medical resident before (more…)

    Would you buy a home loan from a Countrywide loan rep?  Would you invest your life savings with Bernie Madoff?  Would you ask Casey Anthony to babysit your children?  Probably not. (more…)

    7 June – This month, Americans look forward to summer, picnics, vacations and another DEADLY EPIDEMIC of pharmaceutical marketing campaigns. (more…)

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    Shortly after I completed my first pharmaceutical corruption investigation in 2008, I learned of the Parenzee Case, which some activists called a landmark HIV case.  Upon closer review, I discovered that it represented something closer to a bad case of ineffective counsel. (more…)

    In July 2009 my partner and I were blessed with a son. During predelivery testing my partner was diagnosed as HIV+. We did not want the (strongly) recommended cesarean with pre-delivery ARVs. We also did not want to give ARVs to our child after (more…)

    Judy Balaban was the daughter of longtime Paramount Pictures president Barney Balaban. She didn’t know much about LSD when she started taking it, in the late 50s, but, she laughingly says, “I figured if it was good enough for Cary Grant, it was good enough for me!” (more…)

    Recently, investigative journalist John Lauritsen posted this report regarding the so-called AIDS controversy.  in response, Andrew John posted this analysis of the dispute. (more…)

    In December 2007, Merkuri Stanback entered the Park Community Federal Credit Union in Macon, Georgia brandishing a firearm. Stanback and his cohorts restrained employees and ransacked the teller area before making off with almost $200K.  When Stanback was arrested, a prosecutor declared that “bank robbers should be put on notice that they will serve the full term of years imposed because there is no parole in the federal system.” (more…)

    The word is chutzpa – and it’s hard to imagine a better way to describe UC Berkeley (UCB) Vice Provost Sheldon Zedeck’s assignment of Arthur Reingold to investigate misconduct allegations against Professor Peter Duesberg, PhD.  The charges stem from Duesberg’s (et al) report that was published in 2009 by  Medical Hypotheses.  Citing 35 references that includes South Africa’s (SA) own mortality reports, Prof. Duesberg’s team concluded that: (more…)

    Based upon this recent report published by the Journal of  the American Physicians and Surgeons, it is now clear that HIV tests do not detect HIV and why prosecutors reduced their plea offer for Eneydi Torres from 15 years in state prison to five days on unsupervised probation. (more…)

    Vera Sharav of the Alliance for Human Research Protection asks why the discovery of defective cars are front page news while defective FDA-approved prescription drugs are accepted as part of life’s risk: (more…)

    In the play Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, con-artist Lawrence Jameson has made a career out of tricking emotionally-vulnerable women out of their money. One day while riding a train near the French Riviera, Jameson watches as Freddy Benson clumsily charms a small prize from a woman he has flattered. Somewhat impressed, Jameson takes Freddy under his wing and (more…)

    This page has changed – go to the HIV Innocence Group (more…)

    When the gay activists at AIDSTruth attacked me for exposing alleged HIV co-discoverer Robert Gallo MD as a fraud and the AIDS drug Sustiva (Efavirenz) as a highly addictive hypnotic drug that produces AIDS-like symptoms when stopped (more…)

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    On the Massachusetts border that joins with Connecticut and Rhode Island, the green woods and blue waters of Lake Chaubunagungamaug shimmer in the summer breeze. Turning northeast along Sutton Road, it’s easy to see why America’s first colonists settled in these gently rolling hills and tilled its fields. In the fall, the thick green forests turn into a kaleidoscope of rusty yellows, reds, and browns before the first snow falls. At Nipmuck Pond, you won’t notice that Sutton Road has become Cliff Road until it changes again to (more…)



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