Thimerosal Banned in Chilean Vaccines

January 31, 2014

(VACCINE LIBERATION ARMY) –  Chile is proud to announce that on January 15, 2014, a law regulating the use of Thimerosal in vaccines was unanimously approved by our Congress (84 votes in favor [with 5 abstentions]).

The Bill, #7036-11, which eliminates mercury from most all vaccines, is the end of a successful legislative process that brought all political parties together to the conclusion that our population has to be protected.

However, Eileen Dannemann, Of Vaccine Liberation Army is quick to point out the following:

iLn7zgyS.plE“The next and last legislative step is the Chilean President’s signature on this Law.  However, the current president, Sebastian Pinera, is leaving office, being replaced in March by Michelle Bachelet, a pediatrician and former public health, WHO associate. Will the Chilean Congress and “the people” have their way? The rich and elite have been able to access the preferred  ”mercury-free vaccines”. However, the cost is prohibitive to “the people” and education about the dangers of mercury, is not widespread except for the efforts of groups like BioAutisma. Is Michelle Bachelet really the freedom person she purports to be – working for diversity and equality in education and health? We will see how fast she puts her name on the line in support of “the people” and the overwhelming majority of the Chilean Congress.”

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