350.org wants AGW health warning on gas pumps

January 10, 2014

(THE REFERENCE FRAME) We got used to health warning on cigarettes but 350.org led by Bill McKibben (and named after a nonsensical number in a crackpot preprint by James Hansen et al.) wants allegedly analogous warnings on gas pumps.

San Francisco environmentalist group wants global warming warning on gas pumps (Fox News, competition)

The content of the proposal warning isn’t too simple.

It’s written white on black and says:

Warning (orange background)

The state of California has determined that global warming caused by greenhouse gases poses a serious threat to the economic well-being, public health, natural resources and the environment of California.

If the Terminator is equal to the state of California, he has determined it a long time ago, but you should better not buy science from the Terminator and similar “states” because the extra biceps mass was borrowed from the interior of the skull.


They may later add all the other things caused by global warming to the warning, too. 😉

This proposal is sort of amusing because it has no direct implications. If they promised that they would abandon all attempts to regulate carbon dioxide and add caps and taxes, I would probably agree with this comical thing. (My or your opinion isn’t too important; the owners of the gas stations would probably fight such a new rule.)

But the proposal has indirect harmful consequences. Many people are scientifically illiterate and they cannot see that and why similar labels are partly nonsensical and partly untrue. They wouldn’t understand that such slogans were masterminded by manipulative activists who have no clue about most of science and when they have a clue, they are lying about what they know. Many people just believe what they read – if they can read – and such an untrue sign would lead to a further deterioration of the scientific literacy of the public.

It could lead some poor people – fathers in poor families, so to say – who can’t verify the science and who want to help the world to harm themselves and their relatives by abandoning or suppressing cars even though they need them.


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