Flu Vaccine For Your Pet: MORE Insanity from MERCK

February 22, 2013

22 Feb (VACCINE LIBERATION ARMY) –  According to Merck, Canine influenza (Dog Flu) is an important illness that poses an emerging threat to all dogs.  Nobivac® Canine Flu H3N8 vaccine [which] contains gentamicin and amphotericin B as preservatives appears to be the answer. Gentamicin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic, used to treat many types of bacterial infections, particularly those caused by Gram-negative organisms. Gentamicin is also ototoxic and nephrotoxic, with this toxicity remaining a major problem in clinical use.[1]   Amphotericin B is a polyene antifungal drug.  Amphotericin B is well known for its severe and potentially lethal side-effects.  The Adjuvant  used inH3N8 vaccine is Aluminum based.

Why doesn’t this canine flu shot have mercury like human flu shots?  Are antibiotics and antifungals really preservatives? This strain is said to have been transferred from horses to dogs…wonder how that happened?  I remember the strange deaths of a group of grey hounds.  Sounded to me at the time..that they all must have been victims of some experiment.  Will we ever find out?


How long has canine influenza been around? The H3N8 equine influenza virus has been known to exist in horses for more than 40 years. In 2004, however, cases of an unknown respiratory illness in dogs (initially greyhounds) were reported. An investigation showed that this respiratory illness was caused by the equine influenza A H3N8 virus. Scientists believe that this virus jumped species (from horses to dogs)   And how did that happen in the greyhound dog stable and has now adapted to cause illness in dogs and spread efficiently among dogs?  This is now considered a new dog-specific lineage of H3N8. In September of 2005, this virus was identified by experts as “a newly emerging pathogen in the dog population” in the United States.

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