Obama Expected to End Traditional Coal-Fired Power

June 25, 2013

25 Jun (CANADA FREE PRESS) – It can’t be said often enough. There has been no global warming for the past 15 years, and now even the New York Times can no longer pretend otherwise. But just because “climate scientists” swung and missed on that hanging curveball doesn’t mean Barack Obama is about to be deterred.

By Dan Calabrese

He’s got a socialist agenda, and global warming is the excuse for why it must be implemented urgently right now, Congress and the truth be damned.

Obama’s admirers at Mother Jones are pretty excited about what to expect in today’s big fraud, er, speech:

Here are four things that are expected to be included:

Emission rules for existing power plants: The EPA has already issued (but not yet finalized) rules for new power plants, which will likely mean the end of conventional coal-fired power in the United States. But Obama is expected to unveil standards for the fleet of existing power plants, which account for 40 percent of all emissions in the US

Tougher efficiency standards for homes and appliances: The Department of Energy tightened efficiency standards on some household appliances in 2009. But a number of new standards have been stuck at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in the White House awaiting approval.

More renewable energy development on public lands: The administration has made it a priority to tap into the solar, wind, and geothermal potential on the 650 million acres of land that the federal government owns. Obama is expected to roll out even more initiatives on this front.

Preparing the US for climate impacts: The Obama administration created an Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force in 2009, which has been putting together recommendations for how to deal with sea level rise, extreme weather, drought, and other climate-related impacts. Meanwhile, the US Global Change Research Program recently released a draft version of its next assessment, noting that climate change is “already affecting the American people.”

All of this to combat a phenomenon that has not existed for 15 years, despite the dire warnings of climate scientists at the start of that period that if we didn’t act within five years, we would all be doomed.

More power for the EPA. More power for the Department of Energy. More federal green energy subsidies

Detect a pattern in all of this? More power for the EPA. More power for the Department of Energy. More federal green energy subsidies. And who knows which federal agencies will have their fingers in that last one? Preparing the nation for a so-called threat that can take any and every form, and is always right around the corner, could keep federal bureaucrats knee-deep in hookers and gin forever.

Let’s not miss what this is really all about. Democrats thrive on government power, especially federal power, because the more Washington does, the more of the nation’s economic resources and power are in the hands of people who depend on the political process to survive. That favors Democrats and disadvantages Republicans, who do better when they depend on the workings of free market in the private sector.

So Democrats need “emergencies” that justify grabbing power and resources because they “must act” or we’re all in danger of whatever.

So why do all this now, especially when recent news casts pretty serious doubt on the notion of man-made climate change? I’d suggest that’s actually one of the reasons. The mainstream media are still willing to largely ignore the news that gives reason for skepticism, but like Benghazi and the IRS scandal, they can’t ignore clear facts forever without undermining what little is left of their own credibility. So Obama needs to give this speech and implement these executive orders while the media are still able to give him cover.

Another reason is that nothing is going right with his presidency at the moment and he needs to change the subject. Granted, the American public doesn’t give a rip about “global warming” because it’s largely a self-indulgent conceit of political types. But it doesn’t do Obama any good to talk about jobs or health care, and he certainly doesn’t want to deal with Scandalpalooza, so why not trout out the climage change crap again?

There is nothing more than that at work here. If Obama wants to use global warming as an excuse for yet another federal power grab, it’s now or never.

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