AIDS 2012 Conference: 25,000 Rally In Washington Folly

July 31, 2012

Science Guardian – In what, according to the peer reviewed scientific literature, is the greatest piece of tomfoolery in science and medicine today, a very great gathering is upon us.  Surfing onto the broad bureaucratic beach of the nation’s capital on a wave of media coverage leading up to Global AIDS 2012, an army of HIV/AIDS scientists, health workers, NGO staff and like assorted taxpayer, pharma and charity funded HIV assault teams of all sizes have descended on Washington.

These serried ranks of HIV warriors will spend the week sharing their latest insights, achievements and ambitions, not to mention their latest tips on how to win more funding for a fight that the general public seems to be less impressed with than ever before.

As usual the excitement will be stirred to a higher level by activists, who were especially briefed by the Conference organizers yesterday, before the grand pow-wow officially opened. The media, too, were relieved of any puzzlement as to the official scientific and public health ideology on which the entire enterprise rests in a special briefing yesterday also.


Unfortunately, these media students like the rest of the vast assembly will not be apprised of what is the most extraordinary aspect of the enterprise, which is that according to the best published peer reviewed scientific analysis it is founded on a giant mistake. The cause of all the AIDS symptoms that all these worthy people are striving to cure is, unfortunately, not the notorious virus that they have written into the very name of the disease they imagine themselves to be addressing, HIV/AIDS.

According to articles written by the most intellectually distinguished scientist in the field a quarter century ago, in two of the most reliable publications in science, HIV was not and could not be the cause of AIDS, or indeed of any illness of any kind. The research reviewed in the articles showed, the author demonstrated, with the imprimatur of his peers affixed to his work by virtue of unusually rigorous peer review, that HIV was too small to do any harm, let alone perform the rather complicated trick of devastating your immune system as long as twenty years after you had been exposed to it.

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